Gator Rake - Tow Model - Staggered Tines

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The Gator Rake grooming tool is ideal for daily maintenance of subsurface irrigated clay courts - HydroCourt, Hydrogrid and Cal-Cap. The Gator Rake is used to groom the courts after play on subsurface irrigated instead of a traditional drag broom. This particular Gator Rake model utilizes a series of staggered 1/8" stainless steel tines to agitate the court surface while it redistributes loose material, helps prevent hard build-up and keeps moisture at an optimal level. The staggered configuration prevents material build-up on the rake while you groom. The Gator Rake includes several other nice features that make it a "must have" for all subsurface irrigated facilities. The Gator Rake has optional weight bars which can be purchased allowing weight to be added to the product, making it more effective at addressing hard-pan build up. The Gator Rake also comes equipped with an adjustable tine cartridge that moves in half inch increments as the tines wear. This allows the product to be used effectively over a longer period of time. The replaceable tine cartridges are user friendly and can be replaced easily.

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