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You can connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to your Playmate ball machine with bluetooth by purchasing a special receiver box that you hang on the side of your ball machine. The receiver box is called an iPLAYMATE Tennis. After the iPLAYMATE Tennis is installed, you can use our special app, "Like My Drill", to work with your ball machine. You can use an iPLAYMATE Tennis on any SMASH, DEUCE, GENIE, or PLAYMATE PC that was produced since 2005. Also, if you have a SLAM or GRAND SLAM that was produced since 2006, your ball machine is also compatible with the iPLAYMATE Tennis. To help you identify your ball machine, give us a call. Keep in mind that while your ball machine is compatible, there are some advanced features that will only work on ball machines produced since July 2012. For a fee, compatible ball machines produced since 2009 can be upgraded to include the advanced features. Contact 10-S for details. Advanced features for machines produced after 2009 include 16 shot long drills instead of 8 shot long drills, shot count, advanced random feature that presents a player with specific random shots in the middle of a drill, balanced random directions, force a shot to go to a specific direction no matter what, auto stop at the end of a drill and the Feed 1 Ball feature which allows you to quickly and easily create and customize advanced templates of shots.

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