Why do I need a drag broom for my clay court facility?

The rigors of daily play are significant for a Har-Tru clay court. The sliding, digging and traction that naturally occur through daily play will leave scars on your clay court. Grooming your court after each playing session serves to repair these scars and keep your court in top playing condition. It is imperative that your clay court is groomed after play and before the sprinkler system is turned on. For most facilities this means that the courts should be groomed at mid-day before the afternoon watering and at the end of the day before the overnight watering. Drag Brooms are the most efficient and popular tool for daily grooming of sprinkler irrigated Har-Tru clay courts.

There are a variety of drag brooms available to execute daily grooming on your sprinkler irrigated clay court. These drag brooms can be found here on our website. Please also reference our drag broom comparison chart that outlines the features and benefits of each drag broom we carry. Happy Grooming!