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4' CourtPac Tow Model Roller

Product code: PL4012

4' CourtPac Tow Model Roller

Price: USD $5,765.00
The 4' Tow Roller is an easy to use alternative to the power roller. It can be pulled by a golf cart, lawn tractor or utility vehicle and still offer the same rolling speed and convenience as the power roller. This unit can be upgraded to a motorized roller at any time by attaching the Honda Power Head. The 4' Tow Roller comes with a weight tray, towing tongue, scraper-brush, and front and rear court brushes and includes a 1 year warranty.

* This item exceeds the maximum box size for FedEx. Please email us at sales@10-s.com or call for an accurate shipping estimate. * 

* Does not include Auxillary Wheels - They are an available option - PL4032 *