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Dinkshot Titan Water Bottle Holder

Product code: PBW-DS-100

Dinkshot Titan Water Bottle Holder

Price: USD $69.95


Summer Savings Price: $69.95ea - (Good Until 7-20-24)

Price as markedThe Dinkshot Titan Water Bottle holder is the perfect accessory for any pickleball court. The Titan easily attaches to any fence allowing players to keep their standard size water bottles and cups off the ground. Made out of rust inhibiting aluminum and powder coated. Place one on each court or multiple for busier facilities. Holds up to 4 standard size water bottles per rack. Incredibly durable and easy to install the Dinkshot Titan is the perfect holder for any facility. Large holes for accommodating many bottle sizes. Maximum base size of water bottle 3 ¼".