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Aluminum Water Broom 32" 8 Nozzle

Product code: 4M2032

Aluminum Water Broom 32" 8 Nozzle

Price: USD $264.50

The 32" Water Broom is ideal for cleaning your asphalt of concrete tennis court. This heavy-duty, yet light weight innovative aluminum tool does an excellent job of washing away dirt and grime. Hook the 32" Water Broom up to a water hose (shown, but not included) and watch it blast away. The 32" head is fitted with eight high-pressure nozzles. It has caster roller wheels, an insulated pistol grip garden hose type nozzle and heavy-duty brass fittings. The 32" Water Broom is intended for use with normal water pressure (standard 60 PSI). This product is also ideal for cleaning other parts of your tennis facility including cabanas, sidewalks and patios.

** Please note this product is designed for removing light loose debris. It is not intended as a pressure washer for removing stuck on grime. It is also not compatible with any pressure wash machine and only meant to be used with common hose water pressure. **